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Welcome to Trumpet playing thoughts!

Warm up

Fluttering and buzzing lips
The M-setting and the true buzz
False buzz
Buzzing the mouthpiece
Warmup on instrument
Drozdoff's Peel away exercise

Minimum pressure

Buzzing a high C on the lips, high notes with little pressure
Buzzing a G scale on instrument and lips
Buzzing a G scale, alternative method
High C with horn in the palm of the hand


Finding the optimum horn angle
Finding the pitch center


Scales with minimum embouchure adjustment
Octave glizzandi
Octave glizzandi, closeup
Octave glizzandi on lips, closeup


Two octave valvless scale

Pedal notes

Scale, three octaves below low C

Close lips principle

Pedals for strength

Pitch control

Lip flexibilities, tongue control
Lip flexibilities, lip control and hand control


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