Resistance, the key to the high register

Before I could explore this subject, I had been working on optimizing my setup, especially the jaw and the embouchure. Having a suitable jaw opening and forward jaw is most important. The final problem of resistance mismatch becomes more evident when an effective setup is obtained.

Resistance should be matched to the individual :

So the arm pressure used to seal the embouchure might be excessive if we play with too little resistance. The key to reducing arm pressure is actually obtaining a suitable resistance.

What enables us to play high? RESISTANCE makes the air velocity increase and pitch to go up. And there are several ways of adding resistance:

But adding resistance will reduce volume. So it must be compensated by reducing resistance in another place. Some ways of reducing resistance:

Picking suitable combinations of adding resistance and reducing resistance will make us play higher with less arm pressure.
Some combinations work and some don't.
Buzzing a high C on the lips, high notes with little pressure
Buzzing a G scale on instrument and lips
High C with horn in the palm of the hand

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