What's new


24. April 2002

The site has gotten itself a new domain name : www.trumpetthink.com  and a new email address : rune@trumpetthink.com

Updating the site has been slow, it is now into the Year 2002 update. 
Equipment chapter has been rewritten.

5. August 2001

Started the year 2001 update. Fixed broken links.

26. January 1999

Equipment chapter updated.

1. December 1998

I have changed my e-mail address! The new address is : trpthoughts@geocities.com

9. October 1998

More video in place! Updated warmup, corner and air chapter.

6. October 1998

Layout update. Added chapter about corners.

4. September 1998

Added CG picture and front page links to the Claude Gordon web site and Nick Drozdoff's web site.

16. August 1998

Instructional video in place!

6. August 1998

Major update of contents finished.
New and rewritten chapters on pedal tones, lips, warming up and air.
Instructional video and audio will be added soon.

26. July 1998

Added frames. Major update of contents begun.

14. May 1998

Added the "Tuning" chapter.

13. May 1998

Updated the "Warmup" chapter, included a rewrite of the "soft center" chapter in the warmup.

20. January 1998

Added a link to Clint McLaughlins page. He is an "embouchure doctor" and the writer of "The No Nonsense Trumpet From A-Z".

12. January 1998

Added the What's new page. Complete rewrite of most chapters. Included the Farkas, Maggio, Stevens and Superchops embouchures. More about mouthpieces, feedback, aperture and resistance.

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