Playing the lead book

What I really wanted to do, was to play lead trumpet in a big band. My range was not bad, but I did not have the control and endurance required. I also used quite a lot of arm pressure.

If playing classical music, there is really no need for a good high register, even if it is nice to have. If playing lead trumpet in a big band, you got to have the range. Even amateur bands demand Fs and Gs. And some arrangements even have double Cs and Ds in them.

If you don't have the required range, then you have to develop it.
So with these facts in mind, I started my search for an easier way to play the trumpet. During this process, I discovered several things..... 

Analyzing your playing

This is the most important point of a change. You must know what you do, how you do it, and what to improve. Becoming aware of this is extremely difficult because you can not see what is happening :
Most players can not tell how their lips are placed, how the tongue is placed and how far apart the teeth are. And if they think they can, chances are that they are wrong.

During the years, I have learned that my playing was different from what I thought I was doing. It really helps getting a qualified teacher. He might tell you that you are doing things you never imagined.

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