Being able to maintain the embouchure position for long amounts of time is what endurance is about.

I have experienced problems with not having the required endurance. Playing a gig, the first number was a Polonaise. It only goes up to about G above the ledger lines, but you have to play all the time. (This piece lasts about 2 minutes.) I really had trouble getting through that first number, being really exhausted. (The rest of the gig playing usual lead stuff was no problem.)

To train endurance, this is classically done in two ways, long tone exercises and tonguing exercises. The idea is to do this in the middle and lower registers and over long time. Combining this with taking deep breaths is a good idea, training the lungs at the same time.

Long tone exercises are the foundation of the Caruso book. Excellent tongue exercises are found in the Gollehon book.

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