Originating from the United States of America, Poker has become a well-known game worldwide. It gets played in multiple variations around the world. Though it is a popular multi-player game, many people might not know the rules of all its variations. It might seem much more difficult for beginners.

Poker varies in different attributes like style, lengths, and advancements but the basics like call, raise and fold remain the same. So if you know one variation, others might be easier to understand.

These easy poker variations can be your gateway to the poker world. Know the best sites to play poker below:

1.      Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em is one of the most popular classic games that use basic rules and hands. Even though it follows a simple rule set, the complexity of combinations can be overwhelming.

Steps of Texas Hold’em

  • Each player is dealt with two hole cards, facing down.
  • After a few rounds, five community cards are placed face up for each player. The flop is the first three cards, the fourth is the turn, and the fifth is the river.
  • Out of these seven cards, players have to make the best combination, i.e. the poker hand.
  • Bets are placed on every step while dealing with the community cards.
  • Players can also call, raise or fold after each stage.
  • The last player remaining to fold wins the pot without showing their cards.
  1. Omaha

Omaha is slightly similar to Texas Hold’em but follows different rules and betting limits.

Types of Omaha Poker:-

  • Pot Limit Omaha – The minimum amount is the same as the size of the pot.
  • No Limit Omaha – The player can bet any amount above the pot size and up to all their chips.
  • Fixed Omaha – There is a fixed amount limit for each game and on every betting round.

Steps of Omaha

  • Each player receives four hole cards.
  • But players can only use two cards from hole cards and three from community cards.
  • Each player also gets to stick till the very end.
  • The player with the highest combination wins at the showdown.
  1. Five-card Draw

This version is the most basic variant, played mostly at home. This poker version can be easier to navigate but might have less room for strategies.

Steps of Five-card Draw

  • Players are dealt five cards all at once.
  • After the bettings, the draw phase begins
  • Each player has a chance to discard some cards and replace them with other ones.
  • After another round of betting, a showdown starts, where the player with the highest hand wins.

These are the most basic but widely played versions that can be enjoyable for beginners. Even if you find them hard to understand, it gets easier with every play. Start the bluffing wars with your friends and learn to keep a discreet poker face.