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in the public mind in this country and the continent of Europe that medical inspection, the due regard for the rigorous inspection of all articles likely to convey infec- tion, improved sanitation, and efficient hospital e(|uip- ment, were alone sufficient to arrest the progress of the disease. Our first line of defence against the introduc- tion of cholera consists of the medical inspection upon arrival, both by day and night, of all vessels from cholera infected or suspected ports, and should cholera have de- veloped during the voyage among any of the passengers or crew, the removal of the patients to hospital and the isolation of suspected cases, and the detention on board the vessel of such persons who may be in a filthy or otherwise unwholesome condition, and who cannot sat- isfy the medical officer of health as to their place of des- tination. The second line of defence against the possible intro- duction of cholera, or other diseases, should be Generic For Macrobid well pro- tected, and the early preparations against the means by which such diseases, if imported, spread, should be studied, thought out, and perfected in the interim, and not during epidemic prevalence and excitement. Special attention should be directed toward a pure and unpolluted water- supply, the periodical and regular removal of all excreta and refuse matters in the midst of populations, the fre- quent flushing of all drains and sewers, the prevention of overcrowding, the systematic inspection of common lodg- ing-houses, and lastly, but not least, our food-supplies. Hull is essentially a privy town. The death-rate of Hull from all causes, for the ten years 1S82 to 1891, averaged 20.7 per thousand. The death- rate from fevers during the same period was equal to 1.26 per thousand, and for diarrhcea alone Macrobid For Men per thousand. The author then dwelt upon the management of cholera. The precautions which are adopted in Hull of what has been described as " the movement of a sanitary column," are as follows : Immediately upon the receipt of a notification of cholera, or of sudden illness of a choleraic character, either by the medical practitioner in attendance, the sanitary inspectors, or the police, the medical officer of health is communicated with and immediately visits the case, or in his absence his assistant. Should the case admit of removal, the horse ambulance, fully equipped with trained men in attendance, is immediately re(|uisi- tioned by telephone. The assistant inspector of nuisances for the district in which the case occurs, is forthwith ac- quainted, and makes his appearance with a column com- prising flushers, lime-washers, and disinfecting staff. He superintends the removal of the inmates of the house to hospital for the purpose of bathing and the disinfection of their clothing, the disinfection of the house, together with all articles of bedding, clothing, etc., which have been exposed to infection, and the destruction of such articles as may be ordered by the medical officer of health or his assistant. The contents of the privy are removed to the destructor for cremation and the interior cleansed, disinfected, and lime-washed. The subsidiary drains in the immediate contiguity of the house are thoroughly flushed, and disinfectants are freely distributed in the neighborhood of the outbreak. (To be continued.) ® VKespo \x&,t\\c&. OLR LONDON LETTER. (From our Special Correspondent.) OPENING OF THE SCHOOLS LORD THRING AT Purchase Macrobid ST. THOMAs's HOSPITAL SECRETS OF SUCCESS PRESENTATION TO DR. BRISTOWE IJR. LIONEL BEALE, F.R.S., ON PROGRE.SS AT king's C0LI.E(;E, AND ON THE NATURE OF LIFE THE NEW SESSION AT THE MEDICAL SOCIETIES — PLACENTAL HEMORRHAGE INFLUENCE OF SEASONS AND WEATHER ON PUERPERAL FEVER STATISTICS OF LYING-IN HOSPI- TALS — TYPHOID FEVER — WEST LONDON SOCIETY — CLINI- CAL SOCIETY NOTIFICATION OF Macrobid Vs Macrodantin INFECTIOUS DISEASES—- DEFECTS OF METHODS — INSUFFICIENCY OF HOSPITAL ACC0MM0D.\T10N NEGLECT OF OBVIOUS PRECAUTIONS AT A HOSPITAL. London, October 7, 1893. All our schools are now at work, the great October fes- tival for the year having gone off with its customary i'clat. At St. Thomas's Hospital Lord Thring dis- tributed the prizes and delivered a sympathetic address on the occasion. He was particularly happy in his allu- sion to the hard work and scanty pay of Macrobid Cost the rural practi- tioners, and pronounced it one of the glories of the great profession, which sent into the remotest districts worthy members, who cast a bright light over the dark abodes of misery, and deserved more than any other class the affec- tion of the poor and miserable. To the students he said he could not offer them professional advice, but he could urge them to diligence and perseverance in their impor- tant studies. For success in life he declared that what was the first necessity was perseverance, the second was perseverance, and the third was also perseverance. Another secret was to be always ready, watching and hoping for opportunity. Then followed an interesting ceremony — the presenta- tion to Dr. Bristowe of his portrait, which had been painted by his daughter and exhibited at the Royal Academy this year. Old Order Macrobid students and colleagues pur- chased the portrait from the artist and presented it to her father. The balance — for there was a balance — of the subscriptions is to Buy Macrobid be devoted to a medal for proficiency in pathology. King's C ollege is often called sectarian and narrow, just as its rival is called godless. Lionel Beale is Profes- sor of Medicine at King's, and to him this year the in- troductory lecture was intrusted. Your readers are acquainted with his writings and will be prepared to learn that he gave a good account of progress in this October 28, 1893] MEDICAL RECORD. 57-1 school, and put in an excellent defence of the orthodox view of the nature of life. Many questionable assump- tions have been dealt with by Dr. Beale in his work on protoplasm, and now he pointed out that it is mere assumption to suppose that because we know more about matter and force, we also know more about life. Dr. Beale sees nothing in science to prevent the Christian looking back in the past for unchanged and unchang- ing perfection, although Mr. Huxley asserts that the " ecclesiastical spirit . . . that clericalism is the deadly enemy of science." Dr. Beale thinks Mr. Huxley will have no supporter among scientific men in this conten- tion, and that to bring such a charge in these days is ridiculous and like beating the air. The assertion that the formation of every living thing "is a purely mechanical problem ' ' the lecturer pronounced to be devoid of all foundation. "The machine which we call the body," said he, "is not a machine, for the human body has grown and must die, while the machine is made, but has never lived and cannot die." Mr. Huxley's lecture at O.xford, when he told the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, and remarked that the plant building itself up and then withering might "be likened to the ascent and descent of a slung stone, or to the course of an arrow," was then answered by Dr. Beale to the effect that the comparison suggests that the stone slings itself and the arrow shoots itself And this, he continued, " is the physical consummation of all things from the first to the last, and we may hope it will be the last of such shadowy Macrobid Generic Name vaporings, vifhich emanate from cosmic vapor, are no- where, and lead to — nothing." In Mr. Huxley's late lecture it is said that " natural knowledge tends more and more to the conclusion that all the choir of Heaven and furniture of the earth are the transitory forms of parcels of cosmic substance wending along the road of evolution from nebulous potentiality . . . back to the indefinable latency from which they arose." This statement was traversed by Dr. Beale, who asserted his conviction that in all science no justification for such a conjecture is obtainable, and that there is no evidence whatever that " natural knowledge tends," as asserted, or ever did tend, or ever will tend to the conclusion that life has anything to do with "nebulous potentiality," or "indefinable latency," but Dr. Beale slyly added the admission that we may Macrobid Generic agree that whatever has really come from "nebu- lous potentiality" will no doubt "wend its way to indefinable latency." There are many other points in Dr. Beale's introductory which make it worthy of careful reading. He concluded as follows : " Macrobid Price If we allow our- selves to be influenced by facts and reason, we must con- clude that life Generic Macrobid is not a property of matter, that the living world and the non-living world are distinct, and that the former is not a natural outcome of the latter ; that if all living things were destroyed, Macrobid Online the matter of their bodies and the matter of the non living world would remain in- destructible, but would also remain incapable of giving rise to new life ; and that up to this day it has not been shown that fundamental religious beliefs have been shaken, destroyed, or rendered untenable by the wonder- ful truths which have been established by the unprece- dented progress of scientific discovery in every department of natural knowledge during our time." LoNDO.s', October 14, 1893. Teachers and students have now settled down to the regular work of the session. Even freshmen are finding their way about, and their seniors are, of course, perfectly familiar with the routine of the schools. The societies have also reopened, and there is a goodly bill of fare at several. At the Cipro Vs Macrobid Obstetrical Society, on the 4th, a case of pla- cental hemorrhage was related and some interesting re- marks followed. The patient, aged nineteen, was fright- ened by a rat, and a subsequent speaker said that a Buy Macrobid Online fright by a mouse or Macrodantin Vs Macrobid rat, of which women are unaccountably afraid, is a common cause of the accident. In this case Dr. Muir said there was a recurrence within two weeks, and therefore premature labor was induced by Dr. Clrif- fith. On examining the placenta indications of the two hemorrhages Price Of Macrobid were found, the older involving two-fifths and the other one-fifth of the mass. Obviously any fur- ther hemorrhage would have been fatal to the fretus ; so, as the patient would not consent to remain in Generic Name For Macrobid the hospi- tal, Dr. Griffiths operated. Dr. Hayes supported the practice in recurrent hemorrhage not due to placenta prjevia. The relation of external meteorological conditions to the incidence of febrile diseases in childbed was the sub- ject of a paper by Dr. Boxall, which is a sequel to a former paper of his. Statistics of mortality were sub- mitted from the Registrar-General's returns for London and Macrobid 50 Mg Professor Lusk's table for New York, showing the death-rate from puerperal fever to be higher in winter than summer. This is also the case as to morbidity ac- cording to the statistics he submitted from the records of the General Lying-in Hospital. On the other hand, septic illness, though more prevalent, is less severe in winter than in summer. Dr. Hayes was sceptical of gen- eral statistics and deprecated any suggestion that the oc- currence of these febrile attacks might not be entirely the fault of the practitioner or the nurse. Dr. Champneys thought it possible that the lack of ventilation in winter might account for the facts. Dr. A. Routh remarked that people were less inclined to wash their hands in cold weather, and suggested that, like birds, beasts, and fishes, women might arrange to bring forth in summer only. The President (Dr. Herman) said the main conclusion cannot be disputed, and is confirmed by Dr. Minor's ob- servations on erysipelas in the puerperium. Though in- fective agents may be many, he said all are amenable to cleanliness and antiseptics. In his reply Dr. Macrobid Vs Cipro Boxall said

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