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on tiie muscular fibres themselves is not yet deter- mined, but indications point to action through the nerve centres. Partial aneesthesia of the skin was present in three of the cases, appearing when the effects of the drug began to wear off. The heart action is at first rendered slower and .stronger. This is followed by a rise to the normal, which continues during the period of greatest activity of the drug. In the cases in which the muscular de- pression was greatest, slight if any depression of the heart was present. The respiration was unaffected in all cases but one. In this it seemed to partake slightly of the general muscular depression. Upon the stomach the drug produced an effect which varied from a feeling of uneasiness and fulness at intervals, to nausea and vomiting. Inability to sleep for at least twelve hours after the influence of the drug passed off was a uniform effect. Appreciation of the duration of time was lost in all cases — Gemfibrozil Mg as in the effect of cannabis indica. In one case a snowstorm appeared to last an hour, although in fact the vision continued not more than one minute. No constant effect upon the bowels, skin, tempera- ture, or secretion of the various glands of the body was found.' The only record of the taking of Anhalonium Lewinii for experimental purposes which we have been able to find is that of Briggs." He took "a third of a speci- men," and the symptoms jiroduced were the following: In fifteen minutes the pulse Lopid Tablets rose from 60 to 70. In thirty minutes there Order Lopid was fulness of the head, pulse 90, respiration 26. The sense of fulness increased, and was followed by a headache and swimming in the head. Suddenly the pulse shot up to 160, and the respiration increased so that he could with difficulty get sufficient breath to keep himself alive. He thought he was about to die, and became unconscious. In six to eight hours his pulse and respiration went down again to the normal. Great depression existed for twelve hours. The symptoms produced in this experiment are so widely different from these which we have obtained from administration of the drug that we cannot believe that the drug taken by Briggs was the same one which we have now under consideration. Lewin,' in experiments upon animals, found that in them the drug produced an acute muscular spasm of varying intensity, with increased reflexes, its action in this particular much resembling that of strychnine or brucine. No such effect was present, however, in our experiments upon man. Whether or not it would be produced by much larger doses is, of course, a matter of conjecture. In some animals, also, a quickened respiration was noted, which effect was present in our experiments only in one case, and in the presence of great general muscular depression. In animals, also, the heart remained unaffected, whereas in man we found a primary slowing of the heart action. In both animals and man more or less tendency to nausea and vomiting existed in most cases. The physiological action of Anhalonium Lewinii upon Lopid Cost man cannot be said to be identical with that of any other known drug. Its effects resemble those of certain drugs in some of the symptoms produced, but differ widely from them in others. Cannabis indica produces visions, with dilated pupils and with slight effect upon the circulation. In these particulars its ac- ' Therapeutic Gazette, September, 1895. ' Lewin; Archiv flir experimentelle Palhologie und I'liarma- kologie. Band xxxiv.. Heft 5 u. 6. ' Archiv fiir experimentelle Pathologie und I'harmakologie, Band xxxiv , Heft 5 u. 6. August 2 2, 1896] MEDICAL RECORD. 261 tion is similar to that of Lopid 600mg Anhalonium Lewinii. But Can- nabis indica is a Gemfibrozil Price hypnotic, and the delirium and hal- lucinations are in most cases followed by sleep. An- halonium Lewinii, on the other hand, tends to produce wakefulness in every case. The Indians do not sleep for twenty-four hours after the commencement of their ceremony, Order Lopid Online and in our experiments sleep was found to be impossible for about the same length of time. In this tendency to produce wakefulness it resem- Buy Lopid Online bles cocaine. The visions produced by Cannabis in- FlG. 3. dica "are generally of a gay character, producing much merriment, accompanied by a great inclination to muscular movement." Gemfibrozil 600 ' The visions of Anhalonium Lewinii provoked wonder and admiration, but no mer- riment, and there was present disinclination to make any muscular effort. Other marked differences e.xist, which will become Gemfibrozil 600 Mg evident to any one comparing the action of the two drugs." Alkaloids of Anhalonium Lewinii. — In 1888 Lewin subjected the mescal buttons to analysis and suc- ceeded, by chemical methods which need not be given here, in obtaining an alkaloidal substance, to which he gave the name anhalonine, and to which he as- cribed the chemical fonnula C,.,H,.NO,. Mr. Ewell," who has succeeded in obtaining anhalonine in a pure state, describes it as a white strongly alkaline sub- stance. It crystallizes from aqueous solution in pris- matic, sometimes tabular crystals of the rhombic sys- tem. It is soluble in a large quantity of water, and is unusually soluble in alcohol, ether, chloroform, benzin, and petroleum ether. Its melting-point is 77.5 ' C, and it can be sublimed without decomposi- tion. It forms salts with the ordinary acids. Anhalonine hydrochlorate (Fig. 3), which was used in our experiments with the first alkaloid, is a white, odorless substance forming needle-like crystals. It is soluble in water in the Lopid Mg proportion of two parts per one hundred. The solution is very bitter to the taste. The hydrochlorate is also soluble in alcohol. It melts at 254°-255° C. with decomposition. It rotates the plane of polarized light to the left. Lewin describes an amorphous as well as a crystalline hydrochlorate, ' Brunton: " Pharmacology, .Materia Medica, and Therapeu- tics," p. 1,026. ■ The writers, in Therapeutic Gazette, September, 1S95. ^I am indebted to .Mr. E. E. Ewell, Bureau of Chemistry, U. S. Department of Agriculture, for the chemical description of the constituents of mescal buttons and the photographs repro- duced in this article. but Mr. Kwell believes that the Cheap Lopid former is but an Buy Lopid im- pure hydrochlorate. Lewin' describes anhalonine sulphate as forming needle-like crystals, colorless or of a slightly yellowish tinge; easily soluble in cold water, but much more so in hot water; almost insoluble in alcohol and ether. The physiological action of anhalonine upon guinea- pigs and Generic Lopid other small animals has been investigated by Lewin and Heffter. Lewin found that in these ani- mals the alkaloid produced at first a primary collapsed condition, which was followed by an increase in the reflex excitability, and, if the dose administered was large enough, convulsions which resembled to a cer- tain extent those produced by strychnine. The action of the drug, so far as these experiments would indi- cate, is somewhat analogous to that of strychnine. The lethal dose was found to be 0.16 to 0.20 gram per kilogram of body weight. Buy Cheap Lopid These results we have verified by a series of experi- ments upon guinea-pigs in the laboratory. The fol- lowing experiment is fairly typical. Guinea-pig; weight, four hundred and twenty-five grams. I :oi. Injected 0.05 gram anhalonine Gemfibrozil Cost hydrochlorate in solution. I Gemfibrozil 600mg :o3. Tremor of body. 1 :o5. Tremor of body. ( )pisthotonos, followed by convulsion. I ;o8. Slight convulsion. Pulls itself around by front legs; hind seem paralyzed. Opisthotonos. I :io. Convulsion Lopid Price on touch. 1:12. Breathing rapid. Tremor of front extremi- ties. 1:15. .Attempts to mo\e but cannot, except extrem- ities. I :25 to I 140. Constant convulsive movements of whole body. Normal reflex to touch, breath-of-air sound, etc., exaggerated, I 130. Biting and chewing. Opisthotonos. I :4o. On feet. Condition better. No tremor or convulsions. I :45. Convulsion, precipitated by rubbing back. After it, legs extended for a short time. I 147. Sits up. From this time gradually improved. In order to ascertain the action of anhalonine upon man, Dr. Morgan took the drug in progressively in- creasing doses daily up to 0.20 gram without any ap- preciable effect. As this amount is nearly four times the quantity of anhalo- nine contained in the crude drug administered in the experiment al- ready reported, it is evi- dent that anhalonine cannot be the active principle of mescal but- tons, or even a potent factor in the production of their effects. A sec- ond alkaloid has also been obtained from An- halonium Lewinii,' and was called by Heffter venience, we shall call mescaline, talline form, solubility, etc., are a subject of study by Mr. Ewell ether, chloroform, and petroleum ether. In the last it is much more sparingly soluble than is anhalonine. It forms a hydrochlorate with hydrochloric acid. Mescaline hydrochlorate is a white substance, form- ing tabular crystals. It is much more soluble in water and alcohol than is anhalonine hydrochlorate. ' Archiv f. exper. Path. u. Phar., 1888, xxiv.. 401. 'Dr. A. Heflter; Arch. Lopid 60 Mg f. e.\per. Path. u. Phar., 1894. xxxiv.. 66. Kic. 4.— Third .Alkaloid alkaloid B

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