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hiring a Lipitor Buy Online hall for their midsummer congresses, let them hire a boat. A Diet for Literary Workers. — The Hospital advises literary workers to rise early, take a cup of coffee with toast at half-past six, write for a while, take breakfast at eight, write till noon, take a lunch at one o'clock, smoke a pipe after it, take a cup of black coffee at two, write a couple of hours, take a cup of tea at four, write till half- past six, take dinner at seven, winding it up with a cup October 28, 1893] MEDICAL RECORD. 563 of black coffee, take things easy till quarter of eleven, then take Buy Lipitor Cheap a small cup of cocoa, and be ready for bed at eleven. We should not like the Hospital to lay down a diet for medical workers, if it were of the above character. Studying Medicine in Order to be a Novelist. — Dr. Arabella Kenealy, Buy Lipitor the author of " Dr. Janet of Harley Street,'' a novel which has reached a fourth edition, is said to have entered the medical profession with the ex- press intention of bringing its resources to bear upon fic- tion. Having showed considerable literary talent at a very early age, the burying herself in medical student life for the lengthy period over which the attaining a degree extends was regarded by her acquaintances as a waste of time. But Miss Kenealy is convinced that the time could not have possibly been better spent ; that for the study of human nature and a thorough realization of some of its most suggestive phases, the life of a doctor is Order Lipitor pre-emi- nently fitted. — London Cox. American Practitioner. Marriage of Dr. Charles 0. Rice. — On Wednesday morning, October 25th, Dr. Charles O. Rice, of 400 West Fifty-seventh Street, was married by the Rev. Father John Hughes, at the church- of Lipitor Buy St. Paul the Apostle, to Miss May Gordon. The wedding cere- monies were on a grand Lipitor Online scale, and the church services were Cheap Lipitor Online largely attended by the many warm friends of the doctor and his beautiful young bride, who was born on the \\'est side, and is the daughter of Mr. Edward Gor- don, a Lipitor Purchase well-known and highly respected citizen. Mutter Lectures. — The Mutter Lectures this year will be given by De Forest Willard, M.D., at the Hall Purchase Lipitor Online of the College of Physicians in Philadelphia, on Tuesday even- ings, from October 17th to December 19th. The sub- ject is "The Surgical Pathology and Surgery of the Spinal Cord, the Vertebrae, and Peripheral Nerves." A Doctor Sues an Earl and Wins. — It was rather plucky of Mr. Lennox Browne, says Lipitor Mg the Hospital Gazette, to sue the Earl of Annesley in the Bloomsbury County Court, to recover the balance of his fee for a small, but delicate, operation he performed on his lordship's son, Lord Glerawley. It appears that the young nobleman suffered from stammering, and Mr. Browne, who was consulted, advised the removal of a small growth in the throat, to which the Earl consented. Mr. Browne charged thirty guineas for the operation, but the Earl would only pay ten guineas, which he considered an am- ple fee, as the operation did not cure the stammering. The Judge thought it unlikely that Mr. Browne would perform operations on the " no cure, no pay " principle, and gave him a verdict for the full amount. Comment- ing on the case, the Globe very sensibly remarks : "No medical man of repute would pledge himself as to the result of a delicate operation on the throat; still less would he agree to forfeit two-thirds of his fee in the event of failure. No doubt thirty guineas is a pretty high figure to have to pay for an operation which takes only three minutes, and does not Buy Cheap Lipitor produce the desired result, and one quite understands the feeling of Lord Annesley that he has not got value for his money. But then, on the other hand, Mr. Lennox Browne would reply that he had stated the amount of his fee beforehand, that this amount was no more than the custom of the profession sanctioned, and that Lord .\nnesley had the services of one of the foremost men in that branch of the profession. After all, if one wants to be attended by a man who has a prac- tice which enables him to sell his time at a rate of ten guineas a minute, one must pay for the privilege. When you have ordered a bottle of 1874 champagne, and drunk it, it is not fair to refuse to pay for it on the ground that you could have done just as well on a pint of bitter." The ftueen and the Hospitals. — London newspapers recently announced that the Queen had been graciously pleased to present many bottles of wine to various Lon- don hospitals for the use of poor patients. The same pa- pers have carefully refrained from giving currency to the report published in reputable provincial journals, to the effect that the most of the wine in question was the refuse of the royal cellars, and unfit for use in hospitals. It was in very bad condition. Many of the bottles were half empty, and others were so badly corked that the contents had turned sour. It is charitably suggested that her frugal Majesty was ignorant of Cheap Lipitor these defects. Dr. Charles H. Fisher, of Providence, R. I., Secre- tary of the State Board of Health, died at the Continen- tal Hotel, in Buftalo, October 21st. He had been in Chicago attending the Health Congress, and while there caught a severe cold. He grew worse on the train and stopped at Buffalo for medical attention. Temperance and Health. — In view of the many schemes for temperance legislation which throng the po- litical horizon, the report of the Collective Investigation Committee of the British Medical Association, on the subject of" Temperance and Health," possesses a spe- cial interest for us. The committee who undertook this work divided the subjects of their investigation into these classes, i.e., total abstainers, habitually temperate, care- less drinkers, and the decidedly intemperate. Resultant on their labors in this Purchase Lipitor field of research, the committee give the following table, illustrative of the relative lon- gevity of the persons thus classified : Years. Habitually temperate 62. 1 3 Careless dnnkers 59-67 - Free drinkers 57.S9 Decidedly intemperate 52.03 Total abstainers 51.22 — The Hospital. A Medical Distinction {Boletin del Instituto Afedico Valencia/10, July, 1893). — By an order of the Queen Re- gent of Spain, all the medical men connected with the university faculties are directed to wear as a distinguish- ing badge a gold medal suspended by a cordon of the color peculiar to each university. Recent Bequests. — -The will of the late Dr. Parsons, of Providence, bequeathes his medical library to the Rhode Island Medical Society, and four thousand dollars to the Rhode Island Hospital, to establish a free bed in memory of his father. Usher Parsons. The residue of the estate, after paying all of the bequests, is to go to the Rhode Island Hospital. The estate is reported as very large. TheZoothermic Institute at Rome. — In a contemporary M. Pion gives a description more curious than attractive of a method of treatment which reads like a survival from barbaric times. He writes : "French doctors will not 5^4 MEDICAL RECORD. [October 28, iJ be sorry to have a recent description of the famous Zoo- thermic Institute, which provides in perfect style a certain mode of healing much esteemed among Italians. In the abattoirs, fitted up in the most luxurious style, after the latest fashions, and finished only last year, is a special building which I was much surprised to find there. To this place, under the best management, doctors send their patients tortured by rheumatism and gout. Others, anaemic patients, prostrated by the malaric fevers of the Pontine marshes, Lipitor Order come there in order to drink blood. The unhappy invalids, without any repulsion, dip their arms, legs, or whole bodies in the warm fluid. The mu- nicipality has paid all the expenses of the installation. The prices vary from three francs to seventy five centi- mes, while for the extreme poor the treatment is free. There is room for more than fifty patients at a time, and the veterinary inspectors assured me that the results are appreciably beneficial. In a hall above glasses are pre- pared into which pure blood is poured, freed from fibrin and above suspicion. The animals are previously inspect- ed by the veterinary ofiicial. The blood is freed from fibrin by being placed in a kind of round box, hermeti- cally sealed, in which turns a bar of iron, terminated by three teeth. The apparatus revolves after the fashion of an ordinary coffee mill, and the process being performed under cover from the air, no microbe or dangerous germ can penetrate into the liquid." Hew York Cancer Hospital.— Dr. George W. Jan- nan has been appointed Attending Gynecologist to suc- ceed Dr. Clement Cleveland, who has resigned and has been made Consulting Gynecologist. A New Million Dollar Hospital for New York.— The late Mrs. Mary T. March has bequeathed $10,000 to Bellevue Hospital in memory of Charles March ; §10,000 to the Louise Home of Washington, D. C, in memory of the mother of the deceased, and the remainder of the estate to Grace Church, in New York, for the purchase of ground and the erection of a hospital, to be known as the John Pyne March Memorial Hospital for the relief of the sick, aged, and indigent in Grace Church parish. The total estate amounted to about $1,000,000, and the greatest part of this sum goes to the new hospital. The Madrid Academy of Medicine Prizes. The Academy of Medicine of Madrid has Online Lipitor offered for the year 1894-95 two prizes open to public competition : The Academy Prize of $300, a gold medal, and the di- ploma of a corresponding member of the Academy, for the best essay on the " Treatment of the Different Clini- cal Forms, Accidents, and Complications of Diabetes, based upon the Writer's Observations." The essay Lipitor 20mg is to be written in Spanish or Latin. The Alvarez Alcala Prize of ^150, and corresponding membership in the Academy. Subject: "Surgical Intervention in Intesti- nal Obstruction." The essay to be written in Spanish, French, or Latin. The essays must be in the Secretary's possession by May i, 1S94. A New Hospital Incorporated.— A certificate of in- corporation establishing "The New York Throat and Nose Hospital Lipitor Cheap " has been registered in the county clerk's office. The objects of the incorporators are the erecting, establishing, maintaining, and operating a hospital for the reception and care of, and Order Lipitor Online maintaining and giving medical and surgical advice and treatment to, persons afflicted with diseases of the throat, nose, eyes, ears, and lungs. The Board of Managers is as follows : Edward J. Bermingham, M.D.; Andrew Shiland, jr.; Henry Griffen, Charles E. Pell, J. Julio Henney, M.D.; Ferdinand Levy, D. Morgan Hildreth, jr.; Oscar Kress, and C. F. Frothingham.

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