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by neuro-anatomists to indicate the cavities of the ner- vous system. Cceliolymph (Wilder) is the cerebro-spinal AN ACCIDENTFUL YEAR. 'Everyone must have noticed the fact that there has been an unusual and extraordinary number of railroad accidents in this country during the past six months. Collisions, derailments, falling bridges, defective switches, careless trainmen, all these things have combined to make the list of killed and injured tragically large. Taking only a newspaper census, made from two daily papers of this city, one finds a record, according to the Sun, of 1 1 5 killed and 226 wounded in railroad accidents alone, since May 15th. In addition to this it seems that the accidents from fire, flood, storm, and trolley cars have been also extremely large. The following is the record since May ijth, as tabulated in the paper referred to : Kind of accident. Falls Drowning From trolley cars Burns, scalds, and explosions Railroads, to travellers on trains Disaster, struck by train Struck by falling objects Runaways Run over on street (besides trolley car accidents) Miscellaneous 133 115 55 15 538 Total I I. "7 Injured. Total. 105 329 1,196 316 116 127 867 This does not include over one thousand lives lost dur- ing this period by flood and tornado, nor the two thousand and more who were killed in the frightful cyclone that recently devastated the Gulf Buy Lioresal coast. Putting all together, it may safely be estimated that five thousand lives have been lost Lioresal Mg by violence, and more than twice that number of persons injured in the last six months. A practical evidence of this has been the effect on accident insurance companies. One of the largest of these has recently had to make an assessment on account of the unusual number of accidents and the consequent extra drain on its resources. It is unfortunate for the professional prophet that the year 1893 was never selected Lioresal Intrathecal as one of especial woe, for to accidents by flood and field must be added the depres- sing influence of a panic, and the spectacle of a great country's legislation blocked by the verbigeration of flat- ulent fanatics. This has been the year when the United States might have been pictured as the Niobe of Nations, with nothing but Chicago to dissipate the tears. Some of the railroad accidents of the summer are in a measure traceable to the increased traffic caused by the World's Fair and the sudden large movements of wheat occurring at the same time. The result has been that railway officials have been overworked and have got careless. Others of these accidents are distinctly tracea- ble to the non-use Lioresal 10 Mg or imperfect use of the block system. This system costs the New York Central S40.000 a month, it is said ; but that amount is more than saved in the diminished loss of life and in diminished injuries and breakage. Many railroads cannot, or think they cannot, aff'ord Purchase Lioresal Online to apply this system. Another preventable source 562 MEDICAL RECORD. [October 28, 1893 of accident and death is the trolley car. Forty four deaths and ninety-eight injuries in six months is a shock- ing total, and quite justifies the application of the term of Juggernaut to the trolley as it now is. It seems incredi- ble that this cannot be prevented, either by a better sys- Lioresal 25mg tem of control or the use of proper guards in front of the car. Dr. Fozzi, of Paris, on his journey westward, spent a couple of days in Cleveland as the guest of Dr. Dudley P. Allen. During his stay he was given a dinner at the Union Club to meet the Trustees of the Western Reserve Medical College, and the following morning operated be- fore the students and faculty of the school, performing an unusually difficult laparotomy. He demonstrated his method of operation in such cases, sitting between the patient's thighs, using pieces of gauze, folding it together in squares, perhaps a foot in size, and operating through a small incision. The case was one of double salpingitis, due to infection, and was extremely adherent. The re- moval of the tubes was followed by profuse bleeding, which was held in check by gauze tampons. After the bleeding had been controlled in a degree, a Mickulicz tampon Cheap Lioresal was carried down into the pelvis. I am glad to say the progress of the case has been favorable in every respect. Dr. Pozzi was a very welcome guest, and greatly interested the profession by his methods and by his de- monstrated ability as an operator. Order Lioresal The Kansas City Medical College Circular to Students. — We have received a letter addressed to a medical student, signed by the President of the Kansas City Medical Col- lege, a part of which will bear quotation: "We hope that you will visit the College at the beginning of the session of 1893-94, September Buy Lioresal Online 18, 1S93, and become acquainted with officers and members of the faculty and the students. We feel certain that you will be pleased and decide to matriculate with us. In doing so you will find that our requirements for admission are not more exacting than those with which our many students in the last eight years have found Order Lioresal Online Lioresal Tablets it easy to comply, and that we fully appreciate that many applicants are not fresh from school." This is bad on its face, of keeping the standard of admission to a dangerously obliging level. In the East the fashion is the other way. Wholesale Vaccination. — Within the past few weeks over Buy Cheap Baclofen eleven thousand persons have been vaccinated by the Health Department of this city. No new cases of small- pox have been reported since last Saturday. Cholera in Berlin. — The Imperial Health Office re- ports that during the past week there have been seven fresh cases of cholera and four deaths in Tilsit ; eight fresh cases and two deaths in Stettin ; and three fresh cases in Zerpenschleuse, Prussia. It is believed that the Berlin- Stettin Canal is infected. Yellow Fever in Brunswick. — Thirty-six new cases have appeared in Brunswick since our last report. Civil Service Examinations. — Open competitive ex- aminations Lioresal Online for the positions of Junior Assistant Physicians and Apothecaries in the State Hospitals, will be held at the office of the Civil Service Commission, Albany, Thursday, November 16, 1893, at 10 a. m. Applicants as Junior Assistant Physicians must be residents of the State of New York, graduates of a legally incorporated medical college, and have had at least one year's actual experience on the staff of a public general hospital. Salary, §800 to $1,500 per annum and board. Applicants as Apothecaries must be residents of the State of New York, at least twenty-one years of age, and must have a license from the State Board of Pharmacy. Salary, S500 to $600 per annum and board. For application blank, address New York Civil Service Commission, Albany, N. Y. Thomas Carmody, Chief Examiner. Alvarenga Prize of the College of Physicians of Phil- adelphia. — The College of Physicians of Philadelphia announces that the next award of the Alvarenga Prize, being the Lioresal Price income for one year of the bequest of the late Senor Alvarenga, and amounting to about one hundred and eighty dollars, will be made on July 14, 1894, pro- vided that an essay deemed by the committee of award to be worthy of the prize shall have been offered. Essays intended for competition may be upon any Purchase Lioresal subject in medicine, but cannot have been published, and must be received by the secretary of the college on or before May I, 1894. Each essay must be sent without signature, but must be plainly marked with a Buy Baclofen motto, and be accompa- nied by a sealed envelope having on its outside the motto of the paper, and within Buy Cheap Lioresal it the name and address of the author. It is a condition of competition, that the suc- cessful essay or a copy of it shall remain in possession of the college ; other essays will be returned upon applica- tion within three months after the award. Charles W. Dulles, Secretary. The Death of Dr. Walter Vought. — Generic Lioresal The Managers of the Vanderbilt Clinic, at their last meeting, adopted the following : Since the last meeting of the Board Dr. Vought, one of the oldest of the clinical assistants in the department of Neurology and Medicine, has fallen a vic- tim to typhoid fever. By his untimely death the Van- derbilt Clinic loses a member of its staff who was con- spicuous for his skill and diligence, and the profession a physician of distinguished ability and rare promise. Dr. Vought's work in this institution Buy Baclofen Online was characterized by a thoroughness and fidelity which commanded the admira- tion of his superiors, and stimulated the enthusiasm of his associates. His example will leave a deep impression in the methods and discipline of the Clinic, and serve to perpetuate its best traditions. The Congress of Norwegian Physicians, which re- cently met at Christiania, held its sessions on a large steamer which moved from place to place. The physi- cians were thus furnished with fresh air and change of scene while pursuing their scientific work. The e.xample is worth studying and following. Hereafter, instead of

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