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1896] MEDICAL RECORD. 259 body (Fig. i) is comparatively thick, and is sur- mounted by a top, which is composed mainly of the blunt leaves of the plant. In the centre of this top is a tuft about one-half to one inch in diameter, com- posed of yellowish-white filaments or hairs. These /> ^fm ^'^&- Fig. tops, when dried, constitute the mescal buttons, the commercial form of Anhalonium Lewinii. inderal price The mescal buttons (Fig. 2) are of a brown color, circular, about one-half to one and a half inches in diameter and one-fourth of an inch in thickness. The edge curls upward, giving to the under surface a con- v;^-"^' 4^'^i^^~::J ^\m yy -'rX-^"^^' h Fig. vex appearance. In the centre of the upper surface is a inderal online tuft composed of the yellowish-white hairs before mentioned, and matted down so as just about to reach the level of the upturned edge. The buttons vary in weight from about one to eight grams, the average being about four grams. The button is somewhat brittle and hard and can be pulvtrized in a mortar with difficulty. In the mouth, however, under the action of the saliva, it swells and rapidly becomes soft, the consistency propranolol hydrochloride 80 mg for anxiety which it ac- quires giving somewhat the sensation imparted by slippery elm. The taste is disagreeable and nauseous and very bitter, purchase inderal online with a persistent after-taste. A marked sensation of stinging or tingling is produced in the fauces, which remains for some time after the drug has been swallowed. The powdered drug is odorless when dry, but acquires a nauseous odor upon being moistened.' Physiological Action. — In connection with the physiological action of the mescal, its use by the In- dians is of great interest. The Kiowa Indians and their associated tribes, formerly ranging from the Ar- kansas River southward into Mexico, have, from the earliest period, made its use a regular part of their re- ligious ceremonies. When finally gathered upon the Kiowa resen^ation in Oklahoma, which they now oc- cupy, they continued the use of the buttons in their ceremonies, the demand being supplied by traders who obtain it from the valley of the Rio Grande. Its use has spread to such an extent that the rite has become the chief religion of all the tribes of the Southern plains. Complaint inderal cost being made to the government authorities at Washington by missionaries and others, the eating of the drug was rendered unlawful and was forbidden under severe penalties. Nevertheless, the use of the mescal has persisted to the present time. The religious ceremony, as described by Mr. Mooney, who has purchase propranolol participated in it several times, usually takes inderal tablets place on Saturday night. The men seat themselves in a circle within the tent, around a large fire which is kept burning brightly. After a prayer order inderal online the leader hands each man four buttons, and each, having been freed from the tuft of hairs, is put into the mouth and, after it is thoroughly softened, is ejected into the palm of the hand, rolled into a bolus, and swallowed. At midnight each man calls for as many mescals as he wants, and in this way ten or twelve of the buttons, as a rule, are taken at intervals between sundown and daybreak. They sit quietly throughout the ceremony, while the fire is kept burn- ing brightly and a continual singing and beating upon the drum is kept up. Most of the time they are in a state of reverie, the intoxication of the drug showing itself in the visions of color and other manifestations which will be described later. The hours are inter- spersed with songs, prayers for the sick, and baptis- mal rites. They sit thus from sundown to nearly noon of the next day. At the close of the ceremony they go out, it is claimed, without the slightest depression or unpleasant after-effect. Upon the day following the ceremony they carefully abstain from the use of com- mon salt with their food: this, it seems, for a relig- ious reason, and not because of any incompatibility of salt with the drug or its efi^ects." To determine the piiysiological action of the crude drug — the mescal buttons themselves — upon the human system, they were administered in varying quantity cheap inderal to different young men who kindly volun- teered their services for the purpose. Eight of these order inderal experiments were made, and in each enough of the drug was given to produce decided characteristic symptoms. Observations were taken at frequent and regular intervals to ascertain the effects upon the dif- erent portions of the body. Most of these experiments have been reported in full,' but time does not permit us to give a detailed account of them. The following are purchase propranolol online briefly the results obtained: ' The writers, in Therapeutic Gazette, September, 1S95. ' See also ' Mescal Plant and Ceremony," James Mooney, Therapeutic Gazette. 'Therapeutic Gazette, September, 1S95. 26o MEDICAL RECORD. [August 2 2, 1896 The most remarkable of the physiological effects of the drug was the production of visions. These ap- peared in most cases after three of the buttons had been taken. The visions ranged from ill-defined Hashes of color to most beautiful figures, forms, land- scapes — in fact there seemed to be absolutely no limit to the variety of visions which the drug could produce. They could in but few cases be seen with the eyes open, but upon closing them an ever-changing pano- rama appeared. Drumming, or otherwise marking regular time, had a marked effect upon the visions — much enhancing the beauty and variety of the objects seen. The fact is of interest in connection with Mr. Mooney's statement that during the eating of the mescal by the Indians there is kept up a continual beating upon the drum. In three cases the visions were under the control of the will, and in two they were subject to the suggestion of others. The effect of the drug in the production of visions is probably due to stimulation of the centres of vision in the brain. The buy inderal persistent ache and feeling of e.\haustion in the occipital region, which persisted for several days after one of the experiments, is of interest in this connection. A clearer idea of the nature inderal mg of these visions is purchase inderal given by the following extract from one of the cases already reported. In all other cases, similar effects were pro- duced. "The first sensations that followed my taking the drug came upon thoughtlessly closing my eyes. Instantly there sprang into the field of view a host of little tubes of shining buy inderal online light, down which green and red balls the size of peas were constantly rolling. The tubes of light bent themselves into the shape of letters, but they would spell nothing, and, slowly curving themselves into grotesque shapes, began to revolve rapidly, the green and red balls going in the opposite direction with even greater velocity. All the field of view between these silent wheels buy propranolol was filled in with a shifting mass of green. The colors were wonderful. They were the colors of the spectrum intensified as though bathed in the fiercest sunlight. No words can give an idea of their intensity or of their ceaseless, persistent motion. The figures constantly changed in form and color, but always remained a series of buy cheap inderal fan- tastic curves, revolving rapidly back and forth upon their own axis. The forms clianged through rich ara- besques, Syrian-carpet patterns, and plain geometric figures, and with each new form came a new fiush of color, every shade appearing, from pure white to deep- est purple. When the eyes opened and the light was turned up, the visions faded like stars going out in daylight, and the room, tables, chairs, and all sur- roundings came back into real existence and within reach of the hands." It will he .seen that the predominating hallucina- tions are the wonderful color phenomena, generic inderal although the figures, forms, etc., are in themselves sources of pleas- ure and admiration. In some cases no effect whatever was produced upon the reason or will of the individual. In others, there was some slowness of thought and loss of power of expression, and in one of the experiments a marked delusion. Compared with other drugs of this class, online propranolol however, the effect upon the mind is extremely slight. Dilatation of the pupil was well marked in every case, and persisted for from tw-elve to twenty-four hours after the drug was taken. The dilatation was accompanied by a slight loss of the power of accom- modation and consequent disturbance of vision. More or less depression of the muscular system ex- isted in every case, and this was the first effect noticed after the drug was taken. It ranged from a feeling of lazy contentment to marked muscular depression. Susceptibility to this effect varied widely. Whether the sedative effect is produced by action on the nerve centres, peripheral nerves, or their ner\-e endings, or

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