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1.74 1.276 21.6 14.45 12.17 If this growth be expressed acetaminophen with ibuprofen in the form of percentage, it will be seen that in weight the non-user increased 10.4 per cent, more than the regular user, and 6.6 per cent, more than the occasional user. In the growth of height the non-user increased 24 per cent, more than the regular user, and 14 per cent, more than the occasional user. In the growth of chest girth, the non-user has an advantage over the regular user of 26.7 per cent., and over the oc- casional user of 22 per cent., but in capacity of lungs the growth is in favor of the non-user by 77.5 per cent, when compared with the regular user, and 49.5 per cent, when compared with their regular user. It has long been rec- 544 MEDICAL RECORD. [October 21, 1893 ognized by the ablest medical authorities that the use of tobacco is injurious to tlie respiratory tract, advil ibuprofen but the ex- tent of its influence in checking growth in this and in other directions has, I believe, been widely underesti- mated. Dr. Seaver's conclusions in regard to the dwarf- ing effect of tobacco are fully corroborated by the follow- ing statement by Professor Hitchcock, M.I)., of .\mherst College, more recently dosage of ibuprofen published: "The matter of to- bacco smoking as an influence upon the physical develop- ment of Amherst students has been studied in the history of the class of '91. Of this class use of ibuprofen 75 percent, have in- creased in their measurements and tests during the whole course, while 29 per cent, have remained stationary or fallen off. In separating the smokers from the non- smokers, it appears that in ibuprofen and motrin the item of weight the non- smokers have increased 24 per cent, more than the smokers; in height they have surpassed them 37 per cent. ; and in the chest girth 42 per cent. And in the lung capacity there is a difference ibuprofen mg of 8.36 cubic inches (this is about 75 percent.) in favor of the non-smokers, which is three per cent, of the total lung capacity of the cla.ss." The Late Dr. Maxwell. — .\n alumnus of Charity Hos pital writes : "Dr. E. A. Maxwell, whose death is briefly mentioned in to-day's Mkdical Record, was a man who influenced a number of young hospital doctors in a salu- tary way, for which, and his unassuming kindness and ever ready advice and help, he will always be gratefully remembered by them. During the year and a half the writer of these lines served in the wards of Charity Hos pital, he, as well as others of the staff", seniors and jun- iors, always found in Dr. E. A. Maxwell a full and ready man concerning the dose ibuprofen cases that were transferred to the dead house. His advice and instruction were always given in a manner that left nothing to be desired in so far as patient and painstaking kindness could demand. His kindnesses were of a nature that concerned not only present needs and curiosity, but had necessarily an im- portant influence on the future interests of the young doc- tors ; all of which, now looking back over nearly fifteen years of practical work, comes back to us, and makes us feel what a good fellow he w-as, and how much we lost sight of the superior man in the student who was teaching us. This unselfish interest did not end with one's de- parture from hospital life. However casual the meeting, one was made to feel that this man had not changed toward one. Not only his experience and learning were shared, but his time also, and now, all that we can do is to be sorry that we shall not be able to repay him the good services he unstintedly gave us." New Remedies in Skin Diseases. — The Medical Bulle- tin, September, 1893, contains Dr. John V. Shoemaker's " Remarks on some New Remedies in the Treatment of Diseases of the Skin." As regards the local remedies lately introduced, most of them are efficacious by virtue of their antiseptic properties. The success of iodoform in skin affections of an inflammatory ibuprofen and acetaminophen nature is well known. On account of its diffusive and offensive odor, aristol and europhen are welcome substitutes. Europhen contains 27.6 per cent, of iodine, is acetaminophen or ibuprofen light brown in color, has a faint but not unpleasant odor, is insoluble in water or glycerine, but dissolves in alcohol, ether, chloroform, and fixed oils. It is easily decomposed by light and heat, and should be kept in a dark place that is dry and cool. Europhen is devoid of toxic properties, adheres firmly to surfaces with which it may be placed in contact, and may be employed as a powder or an ointment. It has an excellent influence upon chronic ulcers, superficial epithelioma, sycosis, chronic eczema, etc. A mixture of equal parts of europhen and aristol is an admirable dress- ing for fissured eczema, psoriasis, and syphilitic ulcers. In certain cases, this mixture is more efficient than either of the substances used alone. Losophan contains eighty per cent, of iodine. It is an irritant substance, adapted to chronic affections, and must be closely watched. Where there is thickening of integument and itching, lo- sophan is of great service, as in chronic eczema. In pru- rigo, urticaria, paresthesia, etc., it is very useful; and in the later periods of sycosis, in chronic acne, in the second stage of rosacea, and in parasitic conditions. Thilanin is a combination dose for ibuprofen of sulphur with lanolin, and mixes with water and oily fluids. It is available in many forms of eczema, in sycosis when inflammation is severe, and in herpes. Thiosinamin has been lately brought for- ward as a constitutional remedy, especially in lupus and other local forms of tuberculosis. It has a softening influence upon scars, thus removing the effects of con- traction and pressure. Thiol is a sulphur compound, introduced as a pleasant substitute for icthyol. It is ad- mirable for raw surfaces, in herpes zoster, and dermatitis herpetiformis. Thio, resorcin, and thiophen are com- pounds containing sulphur. Thiophen di-iodide is em- ployed for the .same purposes as iodoform. Alumnol is a new remedy that is antiseptic, astringent, and in concen- trated form, a cauterant. It may be used in aqueous solution, as an ointment, or a plaster, and is .suitable for iflcers, bed-sores, chancre, herpes, erosions, abscess cav- ities, etc. Tumenol is obtained from the fusion of bitu- men and oleum. It has been employed dose of ibuprofen with success in acute eczema with weeping, in burns of the first and sec- ond degree, and in superficial and deep ulcerations. Compound stearates are combinations of stearic acid, ob- tained from suet, with copper, manganese, mercury, and zinc, in the form of powders. Ihese powders may be made up into ointments. The stearate of zinc may be used as a dusting powder in intertrigo, hyperidrosis, and acute vesicular eczema. It is also useful as a vehicle for many other drugs. Pipera/in, used in gout and other manifestations of the uric acid diathesis, when given internally ibuprofen acetaminophen mitigates paresthesia that is dependent upon hepatic incompetency. Thymol possesses antiseptic virt- ues, and is of value in acne, alopecia circumscripta, eczema, psoriasis, and ringworm. Trichloracetic acid is applied to warts, vascular dosage for ibuprofen nrevi. pigment jiatches. and in- dolent ulcers. Transplantation of Eyelashes. — It sometimes happens in association with a jjunctured wound of the eye that an eyelash is cut off" or torn from its attachment ibuprofen use and trans- planted bodily into the anterior chamber of the eye. This of course is a very untoward occurrence, because the intruding hair not infrequently sets up severe inflammation, and, if left long enough, it may set up destructive imflam- mation. Apart, however, from this contingency, if the root-sheath be carried in with the eyelash this may, and often does, contract adhesions with the ins or cornea and form a cyst having for contents epithelial cells derived from those of the sheath. In one instance, mentioned by Mr. Henry Power at a recent dosage ibuprofen meeting of the Oph- thalmological Society, the last took root on the iris and went on growing until it formed coil upon coil of hair within the anterior chamber. The nature of this curious foreign body was not very apparent, but when it was identified it was removed with a successful result. — Medi- cal Times. For Bronchial Affections. — A useful combination in the catarrhal affections of influenza, in cases of ordinary bronchitis, and in cases of broncho-pneumonia due to exposure, especially when there is an associated pleuritis, is the following : Plienol salicylate, or cin- i , . , , • ,. |. , . r from ^ to c grains, cnonidine salicylate j -" ■' advil and ibuprofen '" Terpin hydrate '' 3 to 5 grains. Codeine sulphate " ,'./ to h^ grain. Mix. Dispense in capsule. Dose : One motrin is ibuprofen capsule with water every two to four hours. This, or a similar prescription, is likewise beneficial in 1 the " colds," bronchitic, pneumonitic, and pleuritic, j that often retard recovery or cause " set-backs " in cases of pulmonary tuberculosis improving, or apparently well- under hygienic and other appropriate treatment. In simple pleurisies and in rheumatic pleurisies the terpin j| , hydrate may 600 ibuprofen be omitted. — Dr. S. Solis- Cohen. 1* Medical Record A IVeekly youriial of Medicine and Surgery Vol. 44, No. 18. Whole No. 1199. New York, October 28, 1893. $5.00 Per Annum. Single ibuprofen motrin Copies, loc. ©Kigitial Articles. PRACTICAL POINTS IN THE TREATMENT OF HIP DISEASE.' By a. B. JUDSON, M.D., ORTHOPEDIC DEPARTMENT OF ■ Hip disease may be called a semi-malignant affection be- cause of its duration and its destructive quality. But it is almost never fatal. In every large community there are many healthy and active adults who are scarred and deformed by hip disease, without ever having had ade- quate treatment. In all stages of the disease it may be predicted, excepting in patients who are exceptionally unfortimate in their surroundings, that the time will come when the forces of nature will rally and repair take the place of disintegration. In approaching the subject of treatment it is necessary

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