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mels of authority and gone straight to nature for inspira- tion and guidance, the wonderful progress of recent times could not have been accomplished. He advised the students to cultivate a Buy Griseofulvin Online kindly and sympathetic bear- ing toward poor patients, for they might rest assured that if they possessed the personal qualities which secured for them the confidence and affection of poor hospital patients, they owned also the qualities with which alone, as men of self-respect, they would strive to win the confidence and esteem of patients in the higher ranks of life. In his concluding remarks he heartily wished those who were approaching the end of their studies success in life, and trusted that they would carry away with them a high ideal of what true success should be. They were justified in feeling pride in the powers which their knowledge conferred on them, but he cautioned them against posing as knowing more than was known. The difficulty of a great profession demanded that they should be willing to face dangers, difficulties, and opposition, rather than sanction views that were wrong. It was felt by some that the members of the medical i)rofession did not get the public recognition Buy Grifulvin V they Purchase Griseofulvin Online ought to. The art of heal- ing had an intrinsic nobility about it, but, after all, it was not the profession that ennobled a man, but vice versa. At the School of Medicine for Women, Miss Helen Webb, M.B. London, begged all the students to take a broad view of the work before them. Not only by read- ing books or by passing examinations would they fit themselves for the practice of medicine. The kind of knowledge which was most useful was not given to many on easy terms. It called for much individual effort, and above all for time, in which the processes of intellectual digestion and ;issimilation might take place. In order to become a worthy medical practitioner each student must learn to combine a reverent care for Griseofulvin Buy accuracy of detail, with a wide view of the relations of things noticed. During recent years increased importance had been given to preventive medicine. In the good old times, when fever or plague broke out, its presence became at once an accepted fact, and professional energy was em- ployed to the cure of the cases as they occurred. It was most significant of the times, that during the present out- break of cholera in Europe the literature of the subject had dealt almost entirely with the discovery of the sources of infection and its speedy destruction. The lecturer at the Westminster was Dr. Hebb, Generic Griseofulvin who said that some of the medical schools began their session without a preliminary lecture, and he thought them wise in doing so. In his opinion the strictly medical train- ing Buy Grifulvin Online at present was not long enough. If three years was needed for the training of a nurse, how much longer should be required for that of a doctor. He complained of the Dumber of medical schools, and thought that it was H October 21, 1S93] MEDICAL RECORD. 543 lue to their being conducted on a commercial basis. If (lammon had not driven the car medical schools would ong ago have been concentrated as regards all except linical study, and in his opinion this would have been a listinct advantage. .\s to the dental branch of the pro- 5ssion, of its ethics, if it had any (laughter), it was a uestion whether it would not be wise for the Royal Col- ;ge of Surgeons to dissociate itself from this branch en- irely. Speaking of the Royal College he thought more ttention should be given to the ability of a candidate to laudle surgical appliances. In some cases he was afraid hat men had passed who had as much idea of the deli- ate handling of a surgical appliance as a house painter lad of depicting the Virgin Mary. Dr. \Y. Pasteur in his introductory address at the Mid- lie se.x Hospital dealt Grifulvin V with the question of medical educa- ion, more especially from the point of view of the ttitude of mind in which the students should apply them- elves to their studies. At present, he said, bad writing, lad punctuation, and other faults characterized many of he students, and of late Griseofulvin Online years he had observed a greater lumber of men who came to grief in writing prescrip ions, and who had difficulty in appreciating the mean- Dg of Latin terms. The standard of a preliminary xamination at present accepted as sufficient by the li- ensing bodies was too low and unworthy of a profession rhich called itself Order Griseofulvin liberal, as, unless the raw material was mproved in quality, it must prove unequal to the educa- ional strain to which it had to be exposed. At St. George's Hospital, Mr. Timothy Holmes natu ally took the subject of Hunter's life and works, as this vas the centenary of the founder of modern surgery who pas himself so long connected with the hospital. The ixtreme value of Hunter's surgical works was pointed out, md the extent to which they passed beyond any previ- )usly published. But Hunter's great merit was that he reated surgery as a branch of the science of life, of every- hing which has been included in the term biology. In lis philosophical works he was far in advance of his times, md the impetus he gave to progress resulted in the con- tant advance visible in every branch of medicine. Hun- er's museum absorbed the labor of his later life and every ;uinea he could spare. The collection is now the most iplendid monument of skilful labor ever raised by one nan, and the most magnificent instrument for the study )f nature in the whole world, one of the glories of our lation and Buy Griseofulvin the city which possesses it. The students of :his school — Hunter's own — were exhorted to follow him n his single love of truth, his simple and sublime disre- gard of worldly rewards, and his determination to base ill his opinions and practice on honest observations of aature. PERSISTENT SINGULTUS AND LAVAGE OF STOMACH. To THE Editor of the Medical Record. SIR: Buy Cheap Griseofulvin In the Medical Record of August 19, 1893, ap- pears an article by Dr. A. Ernest Gallant, of New York. 5ntitled, " Persistent Singultus — Lavage of the Stomach." In the issue of September 30th of the same journal, is mother article by Dr. P. C. Coleman, of Colorado, Tex., entitled, "Persistent Singultus Relieved by Lav- age of Stomach. ' ' Dr. Gallant says: " In looking over the more recent literature on this subject, the best resume of the treat- ment of which was given by Dr. F. W. Grifulvin V 500 Putnam, I find no mention of lavage, though it seems to me especially fitting in cases where there are evidences of gastric irri- tation." Dr. Coleman, in his communication, refers in an in- definite way to an article he liad read in some journal, where, after all other means had failed, a case was re- lieved by thoroughly washing out the stomach. I would reler both gentlemen to an article written by the undersigned, Purchase Griseofulvin entitled, " Incessant Hiccough Relieved by Lavage of Buy Grifulvin Stomach," which appeared in the Medical Record of December 19, 1891. The case which I there reported was treated by me in April, 1888, while an in- terne in Cook County Hospital, Chicago. Dr. Cole- Grifulvin V Micr man's indefinite reference undoubtedly applies to my original article, or an abstract of it, which appeared in several medical journals. Dr. Gallant, in looking up the more recent literature on this subject, failed to run over the Index of the Medical Record, or he would have seen my article. Very truly, Everett J. Brown, M.D. Dec^tuk, III., October 13, 1893. HIPPURIC AND BENZOIC ACIDS. To THE Editor of the Medical Rkcokd. Sir : At the end of page 5 lo of the Record of October 14th, appears a paragraph from an exchange in which the following sentence occurs : " As before mentioned it (hippuric acid) is excreted in the Where To Buy Griseofulvin urine as benzoic acid." This I believe to be an error. The converse of the statement is known to be true. Fide Neubauer and Vogel, Seventh Edition, trans- lated by Cutler, Order Griseofulvin Online page 198, II. A. 2. a. Respectfully, Howard Lilienthal, M.D. 33 Eas 1 T"n T, Ne Medical gtems. Contagious Diseases — Weekly Statement. — Report of cases and deaths from contagious diseases reported to the Sanitary Bureau. Health Department, for the week end- ing October 14, i.So^. Typhus fever Typhoid fever Scarlet fever Cerebro-spinal meningitis Measles Diphtheria Small-po.x Cholera Varicella Pertussis Erysipelas Leprosy Effects of Tobacco on Physical Development at Yale and Amherst. — Statistics on this controverted subject aie rare. The following remarks are by Dr. Jay W. Seaver, of Yale, a reliable authority. They are based upon ob- servations made of a college class of one hundred and eighty-seven men during their first and final years. The growth of the men in four of the principal anthropomet- rical items, of varied character, is as follows : Non- users 1 1 . S7 Irregular users. . 1 1.06 Hatiitual user.-,. . 10.66 ■S94 .788 .721

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