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Passing to that most important of themes, quarantine, he described the ideal quarantine as that thought out and perfected by Dr. Joseph Holt, of New Orleans, a per- fect system, one meeting every requirement. Dr. Holt's name as an American sanitarian was world-wide. Following the papers there was discussion, the speakers being Dr. Austin, of the Washington Marine Hospital Service ; Dr. George B. Scales, Glycomet 850 of Mobile, Ala. ; Dr. Patton, of New Orleans ; Dr. Glycomet 1gm Kelly, of Minneapolis ; Dr. Baker, of Illinois ; Dr. Ruggles, of San Francisco ; Dr. A. N. Bell, of Brooklyn, N. Y., and others. Dr. B.-\ker read a valuable paper on the death-rate in Illinois, showing, by Glycomet Tablet a perfect set of diagrams, the mor- tality in that State. The paper presented many new feat- ures, particularly showing what an influence immigration was believed to have on disease. Dr. Flick, of Philadelphia, spoke of Dr. Baker's paper as a magnificent object-lesson and peculiarly timely, showing the value of isolation and Glycomet 500 Sr disinfection. After a case of diphtheria had been recognized and isolated, an immense spread was prevented — at least five- sixths. So much for modern sanitary science. Diph- theria was a cold-weather disease. Dr. Lewis, of North Carolina, said that the people must be educated. They will not accept legislation un- less they feel and know that it is for their benefit. Dr. Garlick followed in much the same strain. Dr. Baker, the reader of the paper, spoke of the dangers of sputa, germ-laden dust, etc. Diphtheria, he said, was found in the mucous membranes, and not in the blood. Dr. Glycomet 500 Mg Mon'tizambert, of the Canadian Quarantine Sta- tion at Grosse Isle, Province of Quebec, on the St. Law- rence River, referred to the work done at the station under his charge. He said that it was of the most thorough character. By courtesy of the Canadian Gov- ernment two officers of the Marine Glycomet Sr Hospital Service were stationed at flrosse Isle, saw every detail of the work, disinfection, etc. ; that every piece of luggage be- longing to an immigrant destined for the United States was tagged by an official of the Canadian Government, also tagged by an officer of the Marine Glycomet Sr 500 Hospital Service. The appliances at Grn.sse Isle were ijuite new and wholly equal to all demands upon them. Steam at a tempera- ture of 100° and 150° Centigrade was used. Dr. Austin', of the Marine Hospital Service, spoke of the very favorable reports in the Canadian Quarantine Station on the St. Lawrence, received from its officers on duty there. He stated that it was fully as good as the best in the United States. Dr. Kelly, of Minneapolis, spoke Glycomet Gp2 of his having been one Glycomet Tablets of a commission last year to visit Grosse Isle and study its exact workings, detail for detail. He described it as being perfect. There they saw three hundred bales of infected rags in flames. When the commission reached Boston they found an antiquated box of some nine feet by eight, as the sole disinfecting apparatus. At that very time vessels were in the harbor of Boston, laden exclu- sively with baled rags from the cholera infected districts of the continent. Dr. Kelly's energetic and manly ])raise of the Canadian Station was received with applause. .■\fter the discussion the following resolutions were in order : " Resolved, By the Section on Hygiene, Climatology, and Demography, that the following resolutions be added to the resolutions already adopted by this Section, relating to the temporary suspension of immigration and the ex- action of scrupulous cleanliness of all vessels arriving at American ports. " Resi'/red, That it is also the opinion of this Section that the habitual and thorough disinfection of all personal effects liable to carry contagion of immigrants to the .\merican hemisphere, and of dunnage of crews of vessels carrying these immigrants from any (juarter of the globe, and the exaction of scrupulous cleanliness of all vessels arriving at American ports, Glycomet Gp1 should be enforced at all times as the most efficient means of greatly lessening the introduction of the seeds of the various contagious dis- eases, which are now, and have been in the past, almost constantly conveyed by the immigrant classes, and dis- tributed widely among the populations of this hemi- sphere." Dr. Gihon declared the work of the Section closed, and in graceful phrases in English and Spanish thanked the members for their close attendance during four days. The Section had had an average of over fifty a day, ex- ceeding any section of the meeting. A vote of thanks to the President for the very able manner in which he had presided was seconded and carried amid applause, when the Section was declared closed. Should Medical Professors Practise ? — The question is now debated whether professors at the Medical Faculty of Glycomet 500 Paris ought to practise their profession. The Journal lies Connaissanccs Medicales thinks they should not ; the state looks to them to form medical men, to give them the instruction necessary to enable them to maintain the public health in the most satisfactory condition. They should inoculate the pupils who crowd round them with a love of study, and instil into them scientific principles. It is the Faculty professors who are to educate medical students to be accomplished, able medical men, fitted to foresee illnesses, to diagnose them, and combat them. In order so fulfil this mission, Buy Metformin the professor must be a studious, scientific man. Study is, it is contended, im- possible in a life occupied in other ways. A medical practising professor has no time on his hands ; frequently a day's work is insufficient to visit all his ])atients. Practising medical men, even the most distinguished and scientific among them, can only keep themselves abreast of the progress directly bearing on medical practice ; this knowledge is not sufficient to enable him to form other minds desiring to rank with his own. Bedside teaching is furnished by the clinical professors. The Glycomet 250 "Dixie Doctor" is Dead. We are sorry, for it was lively while it lasted. 542 MEDICAL RECORD. [October Glycomet Gp 21, 1S9J ©orresp^oudeucje. OUR LONDON LETTER. (Fr( r Special Correspondent.) OPENING OF THE WINTER SESSION AT THE LONDON MEDICAL SCHOOLS. I.nNDON, October 5, 1893. On October 2d the medical schools in connection with the London hospitals commenced the winter session. At some a conversazione, the distribution of prizes, or a dinner was substituted for the usual introductory lecture. At others, the time-honored custom Glycomet Gp 2 was duly observed, as the following reports will show. .\t St. Mary's Hospital, Mr. Ernest Lane was the lect- urer. He referred to the recent changes which had been made in the educational curriculum, and showed the advantages accruing from an e.xtra year's study. This additional term would have to be given to clinical work and to the acquisition of knowledge upon important subjects, such as mental disorders and fevers ; studies which had been partially neglected. The added curricu- lum could not fail to elevate the scientific standard Glycomet 850 Mg of the medical profession, and to make a diploma more valuable. It might probably lessen the number of those embracing medicine as their calling in life ; but by so doing it would mitigate some of the ills of overcrowding in their ranks, among which were excessive competition and a lessening in the value attached to professional services. The lecturer dwelt on the value of a sound knowledge of anatomy, which was the very essence of the art of sur- gery. It was the beacon and guiding star of the sur- geon ; it warned of difficulties and dangers unseen, and enabled him to avoid dangers and to rise superior to dif- ficulties. It gave him that knowledge which constituted surgical strength, and endowed him with the manual dex- terity requisite to enable him successfully to accomplish any operation. Among those inducements which might in after-life be held out to those about to enter the medical profes- sion to deviate from the paths of professional rectitude, he referred to the institutions known as Medical Aid As- sociations, and defined them as a system by which a lay committee or any single unqualified individual derived considerable profit by farming out the services of a duly qualified man, who in Glycomet 500mg return for a fi.xed salary was re- quired to give his services to any member of the associa- tion who needed them. The medical officers Buy Metformin Online of these' institutions were at the mercy of a committee composed possibly of artisans, who would not forget to remind him that he was a paid servant. He was so overworked that his health would almost inevitably give way. He must soon lose not only all his self respect, but also all in- terest in his work, and he would go about his daily task of drudgery in a purely perfunctory manner. The lecturer alluded to this subject at some length as an example of one of the offences against medical ethics which many a young man might be led into committing. He con- cluded by advising those who were commencing their medical course of the great need of regular and method- ical study. At University College Mr. Bilton Pollard gave the inaugural address, and said that these opening speeches had a s[)ecial value, especially in a centre like London, in bringing prominently before the students, at the be- ginning of their career, that they were members of a corporate body on which their careers would reflect dis- tinction just as its glorious past would reflect distinction on them. The jirofession was very exacting and would not tolerate any serious rival, but he hoped that, so far as their studies iiermitted, they would not neglect any of the educational advantages with which London abounded. The metropolis, with its buildings, its museums, and art collections, was an education in itself. In pur- suing their studies they must know that accuracy and thoroughness in observation were the foundations of suc- cess. If once acquired they had the root of the matter in them. The lecturer then considered some of the ways in which their studies were carried out. He defended instruction by systematic lectures ; by attending these they would feel the stimulus of the lecturer's personality, and perhaps imbibe some of his enthusiasm for the sub- ject. The lecturer impressed on those commencing hos- pital work the duty of making painful manipulations as short as possible, consistently with their objects. With that in view it was needful to determine clearly what they wished to investigate, and then to carry it out as system- atically and rapidly as possible. It was positively wrong, as well as unscientific, to fumble about an injured or diseased part with the hope that something might turn up by doing so. It was sometimes said that doctors' feel- ings became blunted by familiarity with disease. For his part Glycomet Price he believed, on the contrary, that this rather tended to show the sympathetic side of their natures. They must bring their own intelligence to bear on debatable subjects and not permit their judgment to be warped by reverence for authority. Had not those immediately preceding their own times broken away from the tram-

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